AERODINAMICA CONSULTORIA E SERVIÇOS S/C LTDA was created on February 1995, in order to provide consulting and advisory services on civil aviation subjects, as well as to develop projects for AIRCRAFT, AIRPORTS and AERONAUTICAL EVENTS.
The large territorial extension of the country increases the Brazilian Aeronautical Market, therefore a large number of companies usually are created to support the different kinds of services. Usually, those companies are specialized just in a few matters, aiming to get profit of some customer needs. As a consequence, the customer have to contract some companies, instead of one, to get all the services he needs. Considering this situation, AERODINAMICA stated the purposes below, as its main ones:

In order to have its purposes confident, the company considered it was essential to form a team that had the following qualities:

In order to have all the service capabilities, the company completed its team with confident suppliers and partners, got all the information about the market computerized, created a large inventory, linked its facilities to the main data banks of the country, making possible to contact or know about all the:

AERODINAMICA believes the plus, it is offering to its customers, flows from the knowledge of the information and from the vision of the aeronautical market, at the same time detailed and wide.