EC 135

This lightweight twin-engine multi-role helicopter distinguishes remarkably in its category.

It is capable of carrying 1 pilot and 6/7 passengers. Newest technology is applied like a bearingless main rotor (BMR), high performance main rotor blades and low noise ducted tail rotor (Fenestron).

Outstanding flying quality, comfort and manoeuvrability is ensured while its external noise emission is 7dbA lower than the maximun level authorized by the ICAO.

The roomy cabin provides optimum comfort and safety due to the ARIS system and the crash-resistant seats.

The helicopter is proposed, at the customer's request in two versions: The EC 135 P1, powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW 206 B or the EC 135 T1 powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 2B1 turbine engines of similar characteristics, which enable it to operate in any conditions with temperature ranging from -45 C to + 50C.

Fadec controlled engines with high OEI ratings allow unlimited operations under European JAR performance Class 1.

The EC 135 is definitely tomorrow's reference for lightweight twin-engine helicopters.



EC 135 P1 EC 135 T1

Maximum weight

2,835 kg/6,250 lb 2,835 kg/6,250 lb


1 pil.+6/7pass. or 2 pil.+5/6 pass 1 pil.+6/7pass. or 2 pil.+5/6 pass

Maximum useful load (including mission fuel)

1,240 kg/2,734 lb 1,255 kg/2,767 lb

Sling load capacity

1,360 kg/3,000 lb 1,360 kg/3,000 lb

Maximal operational weight with external load

2,900 kg/6,400 lb 2,900 kg/6,400 lb

Power plant

2xPratt&Whitney PW 206B 2XTURBOMECA ARRIUS 2B1

Take-off power (A.E.O.)

463 kW/621 shp 500 kW/670 shp

Maximmum continuous power (A.E.O.)

419 KW/562 shp 425 kW/570 shp

Fast cruise speed ( at maximum weight)

256 km/h-138 kts 256 km/h-138 kts

Maximum range with standard tank(s)*

620 km-335 n.m. 615 km-332 n.m.

*With take-off at maximal weight