BO 105 CBS-5

The BO 105 CBS-5 is a lightweight twin-engine 5/6-seater multi-role helicopter.

It has very high performance capability with one engine inoperative. Its four-blade, rigid main rotor ensures excellent flight performance, maneuverability and total control, even in negative "g'' maneuvers. The blades are made of composite materials and are protected by an anti-erosion shield. This helicopter offers a high safety level, as its main systems (fuel, hydraulic, electrical and lubrication) are redundant.

It is equipped with 2 Allison 250-C 20B turbine engines and is particularly suited for the medevac, police, offshore, and passenger transport operations.

The BO 105 CBS-5 is certified for IFR flights.


BO 105 CBS-5

Maximum weight



1 pil.+4/5pass.

Maximum useful load (including mission fuel)


Sling load capacity

1,200 kg/2,646lb

Maximal operational weight with external load

2,600 kg/5,732 lb

Power plant

2 ALLISON 250-C20B

Take-off power (A.E.O.)

313 kW/420 shp

Maximum continuous power (A.E.O.)

298 kW/400 shp

Fast cruise speed ( at maximum weight)

243 km/h-131 kts

Maximum range with standard tank(s)*

527 km-285 n.m.

*With take-off at maximal weight